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NO CARRIER! The Lost World Of The BBS — 6 Comments

  1. I ran an Image/New Image BBS in Columbus, Ohio for some years. When I finally switched to a Commodore Colt PC I ran it on WWiV software where you got the source code in C. It was fun… The name was Asgard (how original, huh?) and of course I was Odin and user #2 was my son “Thor”. hahaha Sad but true as Metallica says. These guys stories pretty much mirror mine in one way or another. I never found bbs software which allowed me as a sysop to do the things I could so easily as New Image did. WWiV was the closest. And of course… Call Asgard BBS (614)491-****!!! 2400 baud – 24/7 Games, Message Bases and Warez! lolololololol

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    • Thank you for visiting Brent’s World, from what I can gather you are not the only one looking for this particular BBS package.

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